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12 Frequently Asked Questions before you travel to Morocco

Before going to Morocco you may have some questions about Moroccan culture and traditions, You will find here our answers to 12 Frequently Asked Question.

Can you drink the tap water in Morocco?

Can you drink the tap water in Morocco

It is perfecly safe to drink from tap water in Morocco but it is not recommanded for foreigners who may need a few days to get used to it, therefore we recommand using bottle water for drinking and brushing teeth, also don't use any ice cubes made with tap water, we recommand using Sidi Ali Mineral Water Bottle.
We recommand you to read our article about food precautions in Morocco.

Can you buy and drink alcohol in Morocco?

It is possible to purchase alcohol in the supermarkets, airport, bars and in some restaurants but it is forbidden drinking alcohol on the street in Morocco, also it is highly recommanded to use a paper or plastic bag when you are transporting some bottles with you. Morocco is a Muslim country but some Moroccans enjoy a drink although it is disapproved in public places, also keep in mind that alcohol prices are much more expensive than in Europe.

Can I negotiate the price of everything?

Bargaining is something very common in the Moroccan culture, you can negotiate almost anything when you are in a local market (called souk in Arabic) but you can't negotiate the daily and low priced goods like milk, bread, eggs, tea etc.

Can a couple kiss in public?

Can I walk hand in hand with my husband/wife in public?

If you are in a touristy restaurant or hotels kissing in public is fine, even if most of the Moroccans are open-minded it is not recommanded to kiss in public place such in souks and medina or cafes.

Can I walk hand in hand with my husband/wife in public?

Yes you can, you will also see some young Moroccan couples do the same, especially in the cities.

What can you wear in Morocco?

If you are in touristy places you can wear almost everything but be aware that young females may face catcalls or whistles if they travel alone, it is recommended to dress conservatively and avoid wearing mini skirts.

Can you use euros or dollars in Morocco?

Even if some touristy merchant will accept Euro instead of the local money, it will be difficult for you to use only Euros or Dollars, Restaurants, Taxis and most of shops accept only the local currency the Moroccan Dirham (MAD), Check this article about Money and Currency in Morocco (with currency converter).

Who needs visa to Morocco?

If you are from Europe (including Russian Federation) or from North America you don't need a visa to enter to Morocco, all you need is a valid passport, you may stay for 90 days, if you are planing to stay more you will need a residency permit.
Please check the complete list of Visa-free countries before visiting Morocco.

What conversation Topics to Avoid in Morocco?

You should avoid discussing about some subjects, Sex, Religions and Politic, These three subjects are likely to make those around you feel uncomfortable unless you know them very well.

Why is French spoken in Morocco

In 1912 France imposed a protectorate over Morocco and it tooks 44 years to the country to take its independence back, Most of the population was under the French protectorate While the North and South of was under Spanish control. Until now most of the literate population has at least some knowledge in French, Learn more about the diversity of languages in Morocco.

Should I stay in a traditional Riad or in a Hotel?

If you want to make the most of your trip and discover a Moroccan traditional house you should choose to stay in a Riad, You can follow this link and find a collection of the best Moroccan Riads.

is smoking weed legal in Morocco?

is smoking weed legal in Morocco

Morocco is one of the world's largest producers of weed and it is easy to buy hashish especially in the North of Morocco, Nevertheless it is illegal to smoke or buy weed and the local law carries a sentence of 2 month and up to 1 year of prison and/or a fine of 500$, in case you wonder if Morocco will legalize weed the subject is now open to debate and two political parties (PAM and Istiqlal) tabled two draft laws aiming to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes.