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Where's the perfect destination to spend a vacation, especially for tourists from colder climates? Obviously, travelers would love to spend their vacation on a broad sandy beach with a perfect sunny climate. If that's what you're looking for, then your destination is definitely Agadir.

Agadir is considered to be the regional capital of the Kingdom of Morocco and lies to the south of the Atlas Mountains, Agadir is the capital of Souss-Massa region and it is considered the major center of the berber culture. After an earthquake that destroyed the whole city in 1960, King Mohammed V ordered to rebuilt the city miles away from it's previous location with mandatory seismic standard and turned it into a fine new modern city, with large avenues, boutique shops, restaurants, blooming gardens, five star hotels, dazzling beach with golden sand, a first grade airport and a marvelous port.

Agadir's main attraction is the city's golden sand and its impeccably clean vast beaches. The latter is the perfect place to catch some sun, or take part in the various activities that are offered such as surfing, sailing, jet skiing, body boarding and so on. Lining the beach boardwalk you will find hotels, beach clubs, bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Watching the clean blue ocean makes you feel refreshed and relaxed as never before. At the far end of Agadir beach, you can find the Marina just before the port and fish market; it is a fairly new and very expensive project for the locality.

Getting there

The easiest way to get in Agadir is by plane. There is no train connection to Agadir.

By Plane

Agadir-Al Massira Internationalarrakesh Airport is located 25km from Agadir city center. To get to the Airport from the city there is a taxi service for 200 Dhs (22$).

By Bus

The bus station is located at the Sahara hotels car park.

By Car

Since 2010 there has been a highway connecting Agadir to Marrakesh (183 km).

Where to Stay in Agadir


In 1505, the Portuguese founded a trading post but lost it in 1541 when Mohammed Ash-Skeikh, a prince of the Saadi dynasty, captured the fortress.
In 1572, Agadir was built on top of the hill and called 'Agadir N'Ighir', literally, 'the fortified granary of the hill' in Tachelhit (Berber language). The city was totally destroyed in 1731 by an earthquake. In 1746 the Dutch participated in the restoration of the city and in the main entrance of the Kasbah you can read an inscription in Dutch and in Arabic, 'Fear God and honour the King'.
In 1960, the city was again almost totally destroyed by an earthquake. The king Muhammad V of Morocco ordered the rebuilding of the city 2km further south.

Places to visit

Agadir beach


Places to visit are numerous. The first recommended place is the Kasbah (Fortress), a very important place above the city of Agadir, 7km northwest of the town. While visiting the inside of the Kasbah you can see the old ruined buildings and walls. You may not be interested in ruins, however, you can have a very nice view, from up the hill, at the town and the beach, as well as having good glimpse at the shipyard. Getting up the hill may be difficult, that's why most people go by car or take a taxi, and walk back down the hill.

Agadir Beach

A lovely clean beach stretching for miles, it's perfect for aquatic sports or just relaxing. You can walk along the promenade, there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops and the area is very secure.


Bird Valley is a very nice place for a family outing. It is not just an aviary, more of a small zoo. Bird Valley is located in the heart of the city between Boulevard Hassan II and Boulevard le 20 Août. There are more than just birds to see, you can find Mouflons and Wallabies including South American Llamas. The place is popular with families; it's a place to visit not only because of birds and animals but also because of the playground. Bird Valley might just be a great place to go if you have children.

Jardin d'Olhao is also a very nice park located in Avenue du President Kennedy. The park marks the historical ties between Morocco and Portugal. Its atmosphere is very relaxing and it also has a colorful playground for children to enjoy.

Souk El Had

Another famous place, Souk El-Had or the Market, located in the south east area of Agadir, is an open air market. It is huge with over two thousand stalls and shops where you can buy everything and anything. Although it is called Souk El-Had meaning 'Sunday Market', it is open daily except on Mondays. In the Souk, there are many goods for sale like food, herbs, spices, household stuff and clothes as well as there also being lots of souvenir stalls.

Taghazout Beach

If you are looking for a less populated place go to Taghazout Beach, 15 km north of Agadir. This little surfer town is perfect if you are looking for a calm atmosphere.

Agadir Marina

The marina is a great place to do some shopping with nice restaurants and bars, the marina is very European in feel.

Agadir Fishing Port

The fishing port is just next to the Marina. The restaurants are not touristy but always ask for the prices before ordering.

Agadir Oufella Ruins

The perfect spot to take some photos and enjoy the panoramic view of Agadir but beware of hawkers trying to sell you various souvenirs. Just say 'no thanks' ('La choukran') if you aren't interested.


Musee du Patrimoine Amazigh

The Amazigh Heritage Museum or Le Musee Municipal de Patrimoine Amazighe is situated in the pedestrian area, passage Ait Souss between Avenue Hassan II and Avenue Mohammed V. You can hardly miss it by the striking mud style construction and the decorated door in front of the Museum. The Amazigh Heritage Museum shows a variety of Berber heritage from the region of Souss Massa Daraa. It has an excellent collection of Berber pottery, carpets and wooden doors. They are well displayed with information given for each item. The Museum displays interesting local culture items and a collection of traditional Berber style jewellery such as bracelets, fibulas and necklaces.

Musee Memoire d'Agadir

Another small museum called Exposition Memoire d'Agadir is devoted to the earthquake that happened in 1960. The Museum presents some old pictures of Agadir while other photos display the consequences of the earthquake.


Festival Timitar

Festival Timitar is very known in Agadir, it is one of the premiere African music festivals. Each year, during the first week of July, the festival becames a meeting point for artists coming from all over the world to offer the audience different types of music such as Rap, Jazz, Hip-Hop and of course the Amazigh traditional music.

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Morocco Map Agadir Coordinates: 30° 25′ 1.2″ N, 9° 36′ 0″ W
Name in English Agadir
Name in Arabic Agadir
Region Souss - Massa
Population 424844
Demonym Agadiri
Zip Code 80 000