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What is the current local time now in Morocco?

Current local time in Morocco, it is the same time in all Moroccan cities (Rabat , Casablanca, Marrakesh and Fes).

Current time Morocco

Time right now - Rabat and Casablanca

06:50:02 PM

When Morocco change the time GMT and GMT+1

In recent years before the start of Ramadan (from 26 May to 27 June in 2017) Morocco changes to standard time GMT. At the end of the month of Ramadan the country changes back to GMT+1.

In 2016 Morocco had 4 official time changes :

It is important to check Morocco's time changes before your flight to or from Morocco.

We will keep this page updated since Morocco may change the official time several times each year.

Why does Morocco change the official time so often?

Morocco imports 94% of its energy requirements. As such the country adopted energy saving measures; changing the time during summer which saves the equivalent of the cost of building a power-plant capable of providing electricity to the whole of the Moroccan capital alone.
The reason for the time change during the month of Ramadan is for making it more easier fasting specially that Ramadan is corresponding to summer during last years.

24-hour clock

In Morocco, the use of the 24-hour clock is very common, However in the Moroccan Language Darija, Moroccans use the 12-hour clock.

In Darija if you want to say 9:00 a.m. you will say 'tesoud d sbah' 'tesoud' means 9, 'd' means 'of' and 'sbah' means morning.
If you want to say 8:00 p.m. it becomes 'tmnia d lil' : 'tmnia' is eight, 'd' means 'of' while 'lil' means evening.

International telephone dialling code

If you want to call someone in Morocco you need to use the dialling code +212 (e.g. to call 0537 75 00 01 you need to dial - 00212 537 75 00 01 or +212 537 75 00 01)