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Languages of Morocco : Darija, Amazigh, French and Spanish

If you ever asked yourself What language is spoken in Morocco?, you are in the right page, Since Morocco is a bride between Europe and Africa, this country have always been a multi-cultural society, the main language used in Morocco is called "Darija".


Darija, the most spoken language in Morocco, is a variant of Arabic with strong influences from other languages such as Andalusian, Amazigh, Catalan, Spanish and French. It is pretty much impossible for a classical Arabic speaker to understand Darija.

Classical Arabic

Classical Arabic is used by officials for written communication but also in government and justice departments.


Amazigh, also called Berber, has been the official language of Morocco since 2001. There are three main Berber dialects, Tamazight Tarifit in the north, Tamazight in central Atlas and Tashelhit in the south.


Moroccan students learn French from their first year in elementary school. French is the most used language in business and is also the main language used in universities.


Morocco was a Spanish and French protectorate from 1912 to 1956. Even today, some people in northern Morocco speak Spanish as their second language.

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