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Moroccan Vocabulary in Darija - Learn How To Say Different Kinds Of Fruit

Learn useful Moroccan vocabulary in this sound integrated guide. For each word you have a play button to hear it in 'Maghrebi Arabic'. Darija is the main spoken language in the Maghreb.

Fruits in Moroccan Darija

Fruits in Moroccan Darija
Words in English Words in Moroccan Arabic Listen
Fruits Fawakih
Apple tfaha
Apricot mshmash
Avocado lavoka
Banana Banane
Dates tmer
Orange Limouna
Lemon Hamd
Lime Hamd khedr
Melon btikh
Strawberry friz
Watermelon Dlah
Perry Boawid
Pomegranate rmman
Kiwi Kiwi
Peach Khokh
Tomatoes Maticha

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