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Ramadan Dates and Public holidays in Morocco

Full list of Morocco's public and bank holidays. During Ramadan even if shops, banks and businesses remains open during the day, it is only by night (after supper) that the streets come alive.

Moroccan Public Holidays

Morocco Public Holidays
Date Official Name
JAN 01 New Year's Day
JAN 11 Watiqat al Istiqlal
MAY 01 International Workers' Day
JUL 30 Aid el 3àrch
AUG 14 Dikra Istirjaa Oued Eddahab et Sakia el-Hamra
AUG 20 Thawratou el malik wa chaāb
AUG 21 Aid Achabab
NOV 06 El massira el khadrae
NOV 18 Independence Day (Aid el istiqlal)

Moroccan Religious Holidays

Moroccan Religious Holidays
Date Official Name
October 9th 2022 Aïd Al Maoulid
April 22th 2023 Aïd Al Fitr (End of Ramadan)
July 10th 2022 | June 28th 2023 Aïd Al Adha also called Aîd el Kebir
July 30th 2022 | July 19th 2023 Fatih Muharram (New Muslim Year)

Ramadan dates

Please be aware that the dates may vary slightly as they are determined by the lunar calendar.

For 2023from 22th March 2023 to 20th April 2023
For 2024from 10th March 2024 to 9th April 2024
For 2025from 28th February 2025 to 29th March 2025

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