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Where to Stay in Morocco : A Guide to Accommodation Options

Where to Stay in Morocco

Finding a place to stay in Morocco, whether it is for short-term holidays or long-term stays, the internet is the best place to start. Whether you are looking for a travelers hostel, a hotel, a private room in a home, or even an apartment to rent, all are possible by simply using the internet.

Short-term accommodation

For short-term stays, there is a plethora of options available in most of Morocco's cities. Many traditional websites like, will give you a list of possible hotel options. And prices will vary based on location and time of year. Those looking for cheaper accommodation, websites like are available in most major cities. You can usually find a shared, dorm-style room or even a private suite to enjoy.
For more information about short term accommodation, we also have a few suggestions on our website : Riads in Morocco.

If you are searching for a more, authentic experience, turn to Throughout the country, there are many Moroccans that offer to either rent a private room, or even their entire home, and the pricing is quite reasonable. Most will open your travel up to the wonders of Moroccan architecture, cuisine, and history, with beautiful homes that feature mosaics, open-aired living spaces fit for anyone on any travel budget.

Long-term accommodation

For those looking for longer-term accommodation, there are a few specific websites that will aid in finding suitable apartments to rent. The most common websites are and While these websites are in French and only a little English, you can find furnished apartments that will suit all of your needs, and in the locations you desire. Even if you do not speak French, the websites are easily manageable. I would recommend knowing which neighborhoods you may want to stay in, this can enhance your options and speed up your efforts. Moroccans use these when they are finding housing, so the postings are legitimate. You can also look at Expat websites like Messaging individuals that have accommodation available is very easy, and if they do not have the location you desire, it is likely they will know someone that will.

Also, one of the best ways to find help with housing is to join a Facebook group in the city you will be staying in. They are usually listed as an Expat group, i.e. Expats in Rabat, Rabat Colocation, Expatriés à Rabat. Some are only in French or English, but most are a mixed bag of languages. Even if you post in English, you will receive answers in French and sometimes even offers of housing directly. Luckily, Facebook has the handy little “See Translation” button that makes communicating relatively easy.

What to do and don't

A few, but very important, words of advice:

Do: Start looking for places to stay, whether it be for short or long term, in advance of arriving in the city you wish to stay in. This may sound obvious, but many travelers think “I will just find a place when I get there.” Book a room somewhere, even for only your first few days or a week.

Do: When you see a place of interest, send an email, Facebook message, as well as a Whatsapp message if a number is listed. Many will respond to your text within minutes.

Don't: If someone says, meet me and I will show you a place that is for rent, this is perfectly fine and quite normal. However, some may ask for payment just to show you a place, NEVER agree to that. There are too many places available for you to have to pay someone. And if you are going to pay someone, it better be a realty company. Never pay someone else.

Whatever method you choose, know that Moroccan hospitality will greet you at your new found home with open arms, a cup of tea, and an experience you will never forget. When looking where to stay, you will find that there is no shortage of options.

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