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It is a seaside resort located 76 km away from El Jadida - Mazagan -, and it is appreciated by Moroccans and Europeans. The 3-km beach of Oualidia extends along the lagoon. The sand is fine and clean, swimming is safe and all nautical sports can be practiced. The scenery is sublime when the ocean withdraws and all we can see is this enormous stretch of sand, and in the background, water between two hills. Oualidia is also known for the quality of its oysters.

Where to Stay in Oualidia


The city is named after the Sultan Al Walid of the Saadien dynasty, he built there a Kasbah in 1634, some sections of it are still visible.

Oualidia’s oysters

Imported by the French during the colonization, Moroccan oysters that are produced in farms are of excellent quality.
These oyster farms are located between El Jadida and Dakhla, but the most distinguished zone of production is in Oualidia. The Ostréa company, manager of these structures, exports a part of its production in addition to providing oysters to a number of restaurants throughout the kingdom.

These oysters have not been genetically manipulated and the keepnets possess a tag that contains all the health security information. It is a sure thing, many consumers, whether Moroccan or foreigners, enjoy this particularly delicate sea mollusk.

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