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When to Go to Morocco?

For economical and peaceful reasons, it might be advantageous to travel during low season. However, it is possible that during this period, some services and animations are cancelled.

What's the best time to visit Morocco, there are a number of best times depending on :

  • Where exactly you want to go?
  • What do you want to do?
  • Do you want to take advantage of low season discounts?
  • Do you want to avoid tourist crowds ?
  • High season : This can vary from one region to another: globally, this season stretches from mid-October to mid-May. If you like calmness, try to avoid the French holidays periods.
  • Low season : From mid-May to mid-October, and often during Ramadan.

Concerning the climate, temperature gaps can be very important depending on the season. Autumn and spring are ideal seasons for exploring cities.

In the spring :

Visiting Morocco during the spring is often scorching, and it is rare to find places that bestow some freshness.

During the fall season :

The days are shorter, but the sun is still warm and offers a stunning show when it shines with all its brilliance over the snow-covered peaks of the Atlas.

In the winter :

It is rare for the passes of the Tizin'Test (from Marrakesh to Agadir) and of the Tizin'Tichka (from Marrakesh to Ouarzazate) to be closed. If you don't like the cold, make sure your hotel is heated, which is not always the case.
On the coasts, high season and low season are reversed: summer is the right time to cool off on the seaside.

You can also decide to organize your holidays according to the feasts and festivals that take turns in the Moroccan calendar, to plunge yourselves in the culture and the folklore.

It is in the summer that there are the most public holidays. On July 30th is Throne Day which leads to many fireworks and parades. August 14th is the date of the remembrance of the allegiance of Oued Eddahab. The 20th and the 21st are respectively the anniversary of the King and the People's Revolution and the King's birthday. November is also an interesting month, with the anniversary of the Green March on the 6th, and the Independence Day on the 18th.
Morocco is also famous for its moussems, local feasts that are celebrated with many parades and musical events… They are spread out in time and throughout the country, but the most important ones are the feast of the Almond trees in flowers next to Tafraoute in February, the feasts of roses in the valley that has the same name in May, the national festival of folklore in Marrakesh in June, the Moulay Idriss II Moussem in Few in September/October...

The Best month to Travel to Morocco

  • The weather is beautiful, not too hot especially when compared to the month of August
  • The tourists are not many
  • And you can expect to benefit from better rates hotel

Also you can check Ramadan Dates and Moroccan public holidays, avoid visiting during Ramadan, Hotels are working as usual, Some touristy restaurants carry on business as usual but inside, the problem is if you prefer eating outside : most other places will shut down during the day.