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Travel insurance for Morocco

If you decide to spend your holidays in Morocco, you need a valid passport. Travel insurance is not mandatory, but it is strongly advised to pick one. Indeed, if something unexpected happens and prevents you from travelling, it won't be reimbursed to you unless you are insured. Furthermore, a common misconception is that credit cards can completely supersede a travel insurance, covering all the risks involved. We have to know that refunds are limited by amount limits or by very high deductibles.

Why take an insurance?

The various travel insurance formulas that are offered to you allow you to go on holiday peacefully. You and your family are insured, depending on the chosen guarantee level, whether you experience travel hazards (cancellation caused by an unexpected event, transit strike, loss or theft of luggage, etc…), health issues (coverage of the costs of hospital treatment or repatriation, for example), or legal procedure, if you have been involved in an accident with a third party (coverage of lawyer’s fees). If you go to Morocco many times a year, it would be interesting to choose the annual plan.

Be well prepared

There are no particular vaccines that are mandatory, but it is advised to be protected against some diseases, such as typhoid or Hepatitis A and B. even if the big cities and some villages in Morocco have access to drinkable water, it is however recommended to avoid unbottled water, raw food and swimming in certain beaches of the country. If you go to Morocco during Ramadan, you won’t be able to buy and drink alcohol in public, and it is recommended to wear decent clothes.

Repatriation insurance in Morocco

It is strongly recommended to choose a travel insurance that includes medical repatriation, because it would be, otherwise, at your expense. Indeed, if you get sick or are victim of an accident during your stay in Morocco, you could be repatriated in your country to be treated. Sanitary repatriation from Morocco can be necessary when the care provided is of lower quality than your country, or when they are more expensive. The medical repatriation can be done on a sanitary vehicle, a sanitary plane, or a passenger plane on which you will be accompanied by a doctor or a nurse. After consulting a doctor, locally, or after having been admitted at a hospital, you will have to contact your insurance company who will get in touch with the Moroccan medical staff in order to determine if it a repatriation is necessary or not, and make it happen in the following hours or days, if it is necessary.

Which insurance to choose before going to Morocco?

We have listed for you a selection of the best travel insurances. Many formulas will be offered to you, each one being customized to your needs. Click here to buy World Nomads travel insurance (24hr worldwide assistance - buy, extend & claim online).

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