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Taroudant is a city located at the South-West of Morocco, 80km at the East of Agadir. It is one of the most ancient cities of Morocco. It was one of the capitals of the Sa’did dynasty.

This city hosts tombs of saints. It is located in a strategic place, offering access to the Souss valley and the High Atlas Mountains. The city is nicknamed 'The Little Marrakesh' because of its picturesque belt of red ochre ramparts surrounded by eucalyptus, olive trees, pomegranate trees and palm groves.

Getting there

By Plane

The closest airport to Taroudant is the Agadir airport.

By Train

There is no train station.

By Bus

If you are travelling from Agadir, the CTM's bus leaves at 9.30 am (travel time 1 hour 30 minutes.

Where to Stay in Taroudant

Taroudant ramparts

The city of Taroudant is upheld by 6 km of ramparts within which are found 130 towers and 19 corner bastions, linked to each other by a covered way, which made that city an impregnable citadel. The ramparts allow a passage through nine vaulted doors styled by Moorish architecture, and are mainly positioned on cardinal points. The wall has 5 ancient doors, and new ones have recently been built to facilitate traffic in the city.

The Doors

All the doors are angled which attest to their defensive characteristic. The biggest one is called 'The Kasbah'. It is located on the eastern side, a few dozen meters away from the Kasbah. It is a fortified door in between two massive towers projecting from a wall. On the south side, the city is accessible through a door called 'Bab Zorgane'.
This door, as well as the ones called 'Bab el Khemis' and 'Bab Oulad Bounouna', is angled and possesses an open-sky vestibule. 'Bab Zorgane' and 'Bab Sensla' are dominated by fortified towers and by a covered way. Smaller than the other ones, 'Bab Targhount' has a covered vestibule.

The Kasbah

It fills up the North-East part of the city of Taroudant. It is full of square towers, smaller than the ones of the big wall.

What to see in Taroudant

Taroudant is famous for its citrus production (mainly oranges and clementines), argan oil, olive oil and for its wide range of handicraft that we can find in its medina (leather workshops, tanneries, pottery, etc…)

Strolls around Taroudant

If you want to discover the area, Taroudant offers enjoyable and diverse settings. You can explore the mountain trails of the hinterland, the Berber villages with their palm groves, as well as the numerous forests of argan and almond trees that surround these villages.

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