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Is Morocco Safe?

Safe To Travel to Morocco

Yes, it is safe to travel to Morocco in 2016! Morocco is a safe country in which to travel. The political and security situation allows for organizing professional and tourist trips to Morocco.
However, travellers should be vigilant, especially if traveling along the southern border with Algeria.

Terrorism risk

There have been no terrorist attacks in Morocco since April 2011 in Marrakesh. Moroccan authorities have taken security measures to deal with the persistent terrorist threat. They communicate regularly on the dismantling of terrorist cells. Morocco's secret service has managed to dismantle multiple terrorist groups lately.

Crime in Morocco

Visitors should still use common sense to protect themselves and their property. Pickpockets and thefts can happen especially on public transport and in popular neighborhoods. Some tips :

  • Don't hang your purse on the back of your chair in a cafe or popular restaurant.
  • Don't put your camera or phone down on your table whilst eating.
  • Be aware of anyone near you when using an ATM.
  • Pickpockets use a universal technique, generally with the help of an accomplice the first one diverts your attention one way or another, whilst the other steals your wallet.
  • Never leave your keys, jacket or any valuable possessions in your vehicle.
  • Remain vigilant and alert.
  • Ask locals where's safe, most Moroccan people will be happy to help.

Road Traffic Accident

Avoid Grand Taxi (White taxi) and City Buses, rather use small taxis, trains or intercity buses.

In Morocco 18 road fatalities are counted per 100 000 inhabitants per year (Europe : 9.3 | Americas : 15.9 | Africa : 26.6 | USA : 10.6)

Travel Insurance

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

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