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Cost of living in Morocco

Cost of living is a factor to evaluate when considering moving to Morocco. These figures will vary depending on your individual situation. If you have children a good education may be a top priority however this may be more costly than you might realise.
These sample prices will give you an idea of the typical monthly cost in Morocco.

Average salary in Morocco

The average salary in Morocco is between 2500-3500 dirham a month, about $250-$400. Bear in mind that Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh and recently Tangier are pretty expensive in comparison to other cities.
There is a big salary difference between low-skilled jobs (1500-2500 dirham - $150-$250) and highly qualified workers who can earn up to 10 times more.

Cost of Education and Schools in Morocco

You must first choose which is the best education system for your children. The best choice in terms of quality are the international schools however tuition fees are very high and the admission process for international schools is quite intense.

French education system

French is as the primary language of instruction in Morocco, you can register your children in a French or Belgian school in several cities in the Kingdom.

Tuition and Fee of French schools

If you are French, the school fees will be 25.000 Dhs (2789$) to 34.000 Dhs (3793$) per year, If you are not French it will cost 45.000 Dhs (5020$) to 60.000 Dhs (6693$) per year.
Added to this is the cost of the first registration to pay 14.000 Dhs (1562$) to 23.000 Dhs (2566$).

Online Registration :

American education system

The American schools are intended primarily for Americans but are also open to other nationalities, they are available in Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier and Marrakesh.

Tuition and Fee of American schools

American Schools can cost between 60.000 Dhs (6693$) to 140.000 Dhs (15617$) per year according to the age of your child. Registration fees cost between 18.000 Dhs (2008$) to 30.000 Dhs (3346$).

List of American School in Morocco :

Accommodation costs in Morocco

What are the most expensive, and the cheapest, Moroccan cities? the cost of the accommodation depends on the location and the type - temporary or long term accommodation - you want to live in. The capital Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakesh are the most expensive cities to live in Morocco.

Buying Property in Morocco

Morocco Square metre prices - Buying price
City Buying price per square meter
Rabat 10.000 Dhs et 25.000 Dhs par m² (1115$ - 2789$)
Casablanca 11.000 Dhs et 28.000 Dhs par m² (1227$ - 3123$)
Marrakesh 9.000 Dhs et 18.000 Dhs par m² (1004$ - 2008$)
Agadir 7.000 Dhs et 18.000 Dhs par m² (781$ - 2008$)
Tangier 9.000 Dhs et 20.000 Dhs par m² (1004$ - 2231$)
Fes 8.000 Dhs et 15.000 Dhs par m² (892$ - 1673$)
Essaouira 5.000 Dhs et 10.000 Dhs par m² (558$ - 1115$)

Renting Property in Morocco

Morocco Square metre prices - Rental price
City Rental price per square meter
Rabat 84 Dhs / m² (9.37$)
Casablanca 88 Dhs / m² (9.82$)
Marrakesh 78 Dhs / m² (8.7$)
Agadir 57 Dhs / m² (6.36$)
Tangier 66 Dhs / m² (7.36$)
Fes 76 Dhs / m² (8.48$)
Essaouira 56 Dhs / m² (6.25$)


Public and Private Hospitals

The best Moroccan Public and Private hospitals are located in Rabat and Casablanca, The level of hospitals and their medical equipment drops dramatically when getting out of the cities. Generally it is advised to avoid Public hospitals and go rather to Private clinics. The price is obviously more expensive but the quality of care is better, with the added bonus of less waiting time.

Health Insurance

It is important to take out Health Insurance. Its cost will vary depending on your age and the options you want to take, the average cost being between 10.000 (1115$) and 25.000 Moroccan Dirhams (2789$) per year.


Cost of living in Morocco


This is where Morocco clearly wins the cost of groceries as well as food being cheap. It is possible to eat in popular restaurants for less than 50 Dirhams (6$) however in the European type restaurants prices increase with an average of 200 Dirhams (22$) per menu.

You can find alcohol quite easily especially in some supermarkets in large cities, however prices are much more expensive than in Europe.


The price of a 4G GSM subscription is about 100 Dhs (11$) per month If you do not need to make many calls you can opt for prepaid cards they are cheaper and rechargeable to suit your needs.

In 2016 the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) prevented the use of VOIP. This censorship prevents the use of Skype, WhatsApp among others. If you want to work around this it is worth taking a VPN subscription via internet (from 5€ per month).
The Internet subscription costs from 99 Dhs (11$) per month (4 Megabits).

Transport and Driving

Public transport in Morocco can be very inexpensive but it can also be a bit daunting.

City Buses

City buses are not recommended because they are often overloaded and are prime spots for pickpockets.

Intercity Buses

The intercity buses, particularly the CTM and the ONCF, are very good with attractive prices.

Grand Taxi

The 'Grands Taxis' (big taxi) are used for city-to-city or village transport and are always white. It is not recommended to use them. They take risks and carry up to 6 people although their prices are cheap.

Petit Taxi

The city taxi (petit taxi) are small cars available only inside cities and painted in the designated color, they can carry only three passengers at a time. You can watch the fare on the meter (insist on using the meter or agree on a fixed price in advance).


The train is very cheap by European and U.S standards, it is recommended to use First Class which provide air-con.

Traveling in Morocco by train, the railway network and more : Train in Morocco

Car rental

Renting a car can provide an excellent way of exploring Morocco, the cost of renting starts at 150 Dhs per day (17$).

Tips for saving on Rental cars in Morocco : Car Rental in Morocco


Due to Customs charges the price of imported cars is more expensive than in Europe, especially with regard to used cars. For new cars it is 15% to 25% more expensive than in Europe.

Water – Electricity

The price of water and electricity is roughly the same as in Europe.


Property taxes and maintenance costs are very low by European and U.S standards.

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