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Useful Moroccan Phrases

Here is a list of useful phrases in Moroccan which will help you during your stay, along with their pronunciation the list includes important Moroccan Arabic phrases and greetings.

What language in Morocco?

'Darija' is the principal spoken language in Morocco. It is very different from classical Arabic. Eastern Arabic speakers can't understand Moroccan Darija.

Greeting Phrases

Greetings are an important aspect of Moroccan life, Learn How to say hello and goodbye in Moroccan Arabic.

Phrases in English in Moroccan Arabic Listen Context
Hello or Good day Asalam or Asalamou Alaykoum When meeting someone, its literal meaning is "Peace be upon you in Arabic"
If someone tell you "Salam" Wa Alaykoum A Salam Reply when someone says "Salam" to you, it's literal meaning is "And peace be upon you too"
Goodbye Bsslama

Phrases For Emergencies

If you find yourself in trouble you will need to be able to ask for help.

Phrases in English in Moroccan Arabic Listen Context
Help me, please. Awni Afak You tell someone that you need help...
Help me, please Awnouni Afakoum You tell a group that you need help...
I need some help. Ana Mouhtaj lil MousaAda You need a hand in doing something.

Polite Expressions in 'Darija'

Being polite doesn't cost you a penny and it is very appreciated

Being polite
Phrases in English in Moroccan Arabic Listen Context
Thank you Choukran When you thank someone...
You're welcome La daai li choukr When someone says thanks "choukran" to you.
Thanks a lot Choukran bzaf Thanking someone profusely.

Asking for Information in 'Darija'

Terms to ask

Phrases in English in Moroccan Arabic Listen Context
Why ? Alach You don't know why
When ? Wktach At what time?
Who ? Chkoun Which person
What ? Chnou / Asch e.g. : What do you want? -> "Chnou bghiti?" or "Asch bghiti?"
How much ? Bchhal e.g. : How much does it cost?
How many ? Chhal e.g. : How many apples?

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