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Camp Oued Draa

1 out of 5 stars
location Camp Oued Draa
  • Zagora
  • +212 6 67 49 45 32
  • 30°24'24.0"N 5°52'14.4"W
  • Rate : 50 Dhs - 5 €
Camp Oued Draa

Small Campsite located 2 km away from Tissergate and 13 km away from Zagora, peaceful place with palm grove but only if you have small camping cars.


Waste water discharge
Chemical toilet discharge

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Recommended Reviews for Camp Oued Draa

1 review

Ripped off by the owner

1 out of 5 stars
6 years ago

We stayed one night in a motorhome in March 2017. We forgot to ask the price when we arrived, but the 2016/17 Camping Du Maroc book stated 40Dh including electricity, so we guessed it would be about there. When we left the owner charged us 80Dh, eve when I double-checked he knew we only stayed one night. I also told him we had the latest Camping du Maroc which said 40 and he said he'd raised his prices. Beware he may rip you off.

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