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Ten reasons to visit Morocco

Each year, more than 10 million visitors go to Morocco for holidays, Morocco's unique location between East and West has given this country has a rich and varied culture.
Explore the old Medinas venture into the Atlas mountains, Discover the Sahara desert and the golden dunes.. We will give you 10 good reasons to discover the Morocco

Morocco is very accessible

Aeroport Marrakesh - Morocco

Even if you have only a week to spare, Morocco is a perfect choice, many flight are available especially for Marrakesh and Casablanca

In the Sahara You will see a beautiful night sky

Sahara night - Morocco

Experience the magic of being in the Sahara Desert, the world's largest desert, experience camel treks and desert tours

The Highest mountain in North Africa

Atlas Mountains - Morocco

If you are a fan of hiking, why not try the Atlas mountains especially "Jbel Toubkal" the highest Mountain in North Africa

Eat Like a King

Moroccan cuisine - Morocco

Moroccan Cuisine is one of the great cuisines of the world, try Tajines, Pastilla, Couscous and don't miss the delicious Moroccan Tea

Discover Old cities

Volubilis -  Morocco

Volubilis is an ancient Roman city, a World Heritage site that worth a visit

Wander through Fes Medina

Fes Medina - Morocco

Wander through Fes medina and get "lost" in one of the oldest city of Morocco (was Founded in 789)

Like grandfather, like father, like son

Artisant - Morocco

Meet the "maalems" those masters craftsmen, you may buy some unique and incredible Moroccan handicrafts directly from them.

Nautical Sports

Kitesurf Dakhla - Morocco

With more than 3500km of coast you have multiple choise for Diving, surfing and more water sports

Morocco is inexpensive

Souk inexpensive - Morocco

Compared to Europe or US, Traveling to Morocco is inexpensive, of course it depends on several criteria, On this site we have selected the best deals for you.

Moroccan Hospitality

Hospitality - Morocco

Don't be surprised if someone invites you to drink a Moroccan mint Tea, Hospitality is a part of Moroccan culture