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Skiing in Morocco

oukaimeden ski station

Oukaïmeden is a ski resort in the Atlas mountains, very pleasant trip in the winter: people go there to ski or to sled the snowy slopes on a locally manufactured sledge. Other than that, the landscape is less diverse than the valley of Ourika. If you don’t want to ski, trek or indulge yourself in any other sport activity, it is possible to combine both itineraries.

The Oukaïmeden station has the character of little stations; the mountain there is not aseptic. We are at 2,600 meters above sea level, amongst the pastures, where the view is very beautiful. The possibilities are endless: nice walks, several-day trekking, alpine ski and, now available, snowshoes. The ski lift is open all year long and allows, in the summer, to discover the beautiful High Atlas landscapes without getting tired.
Careful! In the winter, the road is slippery and dangerous. Make sure your gas tank is filled up when you leave Marrakesh, as the last fueling station is at km 39.

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You can go there by car, collective taxi (between 400 MAD and 600 MAD for 6 people) or by minibus (between 600 MAD and 700 MAD for 8 people).

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