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Morocco Swim Treck Dakhla

The Morocco Swim Trek is an international open-water swimming event in the Moroccan Sahara next to the city of Dakhla, amateurs, professional or semi-professional are eligible to compete.

During this sport event, participants will have to swim 30 kilometres in 4 stages, the first heat starts with a distance of 6.5 Kilometres, the second day the swimmers have to swim 8.5 Kilometres, the third day is the longest and most difficult one since swimmers have to swim 10 Kilometres, the last one called 'Nomad Swimmer' is a 5 Kilometres challenge. The winner of Morocco Swim Trek will be the swimmer with the fastest combined time.

The competition will take place from 28 November to 3 December 2018.


Dakhla is a city in southern Morocco, it is one of the best spot in the World for water sports like surfing, kitesurf, windsurf and swimming.
Due to the constant wind and clean beaches Dakhla is considered an unmissable place to visit by water sports lovers.

It is recommended to take a flight to Casablanca then take another flight to Dakhla, Royal Air Maroc is the only company serving the city.

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