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The Marathon des Sables

Marathon des Sables

More than 1,300 participants are expected at the 32th edition of The Marathon des Sables, this sport event was created in 1986 whit only 23 participants, 30 years later over 1300 participants set out to face elements, themselves and their fellow competitors, and share a human adventure like nothing else. The Marathon des sables is also a race involved in development out on the field.

Marathon des Sables difficulty

During 6 days the participants will race 250 km (156 mi) in the Sahara Desert, each participant must race with a heavy rucksack (6.5kg minimum and a maximum of 15kg), generally temperatures are above 40°C. It is one of the most difficult race in the World, you should have at least six months of running and preparation before the start.

The 32th edition - Marathon des Sables 2017

This legendary foot race will run from the 7th to the 17th April 2017, it is open for Men and Women aged 16 to 80.

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