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Mawazine Festival 2018

Mawazine means 'World Rhythms' and is a music festival founded by 'Maroc Culture' that takes place annually in the Moroccan capital of Rabat.
During the 15th edition that took place from 20 May to 28 May 2016 Artists such as Christina Aguilera, Iggy Azalea, Jean Wyclef, Maitre Gims, Kendji and Shaggy performed in the Moroccan capital Rabat.
The 16th edition of Mawazine Festival is scheduled to take place in Rabat, from the 20th June to the 30th June 2018.

The festival takes place in various locations around Rabat, the biggest one is Olm Souissi stage near the Hotel Sofitel, many people across the country and even from Europe come to live a unique music experience, in 2013 an estimated 2.5 million people attended the festival, Mawazine is one of the biggest music festival in the World, its aim is to promote the image of Morocco as an open and tolerant nation.

  • The venues are secure with two separate areas; one from where it is free to watch as no tickets are required and a the other, next to the stage, for where you need to purchase tickets.
  • 3 smaller stages: the historical site 'Chellah', Mohammed V national theater and the renaissance cultural center.

Where to Stay in Rabat

Mawazine Program 2018

The Program of Mawazine Festival 2018

Time Artist Theme Stage Conditions
Friday, June 22nd
19h30Ara MalikianDiscoveryMOHAMMED V NATIONAL THEATERPurchase
22h00Ebo TaylorAfricanBOUREGREGFree/Purchase
22h00Kadim Al SahirOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00Martin GarrixInternationalOLM SOUISSIFree/Purchase
22h00CravataMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00ReemMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Ihab AmirMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
Saturday, June 23rd
17h00Timing Boys Batucada « Farkat Oulad Al Ouaket »Street ShowsAVENUE FAL OULD OUMEIRFree
17h00Groupe Soleil “Farkat Ashems”Street ShowsAVENUE EL HAOUZFree
17h00Alireza GhorbaniWorld musicCHELLAHPurchase
19h30Hiba Tawaji Musical direction – Oussama RahbaniDiscoveryMOHAMMED V NATIONAL THEATERPurchase
22h00Oumou SangaréAfricanBOUREGREGFree/Purchase
22h00Saad RamadanOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00Marwan KhouryOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00French MontanaInternationalOLM SOUISSIFree/Purchase
22h00Nadia LaaroussiMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Badr SoultanMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Ibtissam TiskatMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
Sunday, June 24th
17h00Timing Boys Batucada « Farkat Oulad Al Ouaket »Street ShowsAVENUE AL MASSIRAFree
17h00Groupe Soleil “Farkat Ashems”Street ShowsMAHAJ RYADFree
17h00Patrizia LaquidaraWorld musicCHELLAHPurchase
19h30BabyloneDiscoveryMOHAMMED V NATIONAL THEATERPurchase
22h00Las Maravillas Del MaliAfricanBOUREGREGFree/Purchase
22h00Melhem ZeinOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00Rouwaida AttiehOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00JamiroquaiInternationalOLM SOUISSIFree/Purchase
22h00Tarik FarihMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Maâlem Hassan BoussouMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Nass El GhiwaneMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
Monday, June 25th
17h00Timing Boys Batucada « Farkat Oulad Al Ouaket »Street ShowsMAHAJ RYADFree
17h00Groupe Soleil “Farkat Ashems”Street ShowsAVENUE AL MASSIRAFree
17h00El AmirWorld musicCHELLAHPurchase
19h30Fernando Egozcue EnsambleDiscoveryMOHAMMED V NATIONAL THEATERPurchase
22h00BosyOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00HamakiOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00NiskaInternationalOLM SOUISSIFree/Purchase
22h00DamsoInternationalOLM SOUISSIFree/Purchase
22h00Lahoucine Ait BaamraneMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Aziz Al MaghribiMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Zakaria GhafouliMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
Tuesday, June 26th
17h00Timing Boys Batucada « Farkat Oulad Al Ouaket »Street ShowsAVENUE EL HAOUZFree
17h00Groupe Soleil “Farkat Ashems”Street ShowsAVENUE FAL OULD OUMEIRFree
17h00Trio AndaazWorld musicCHELLAHPurchase
19h30London Community Gospel ChoirDiscoveryMOHAMMED V NATIONAL THEATERPurchase
22h00Ameer DandanOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00Wael JassarOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00The ChainsmokersInternationalOLM SOUISSIFree/Purchase
22h00Khadija AtlasMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Mehdi Weld HajidMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00HajibMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
Wednesday, June 27th
17hGroupe Gnawa Art Lux “Farkat Fania Gnawa Lux”Street ShowsMAHAJ RYADFree
17h00ColokoloStreet ShowsAVENUE AL MASSIRAFree
17h00Maria BerasarteWorld musicCHELLAHPurchase
19h30Souad MassiDiscoveryMOHAMMED V NATIONAL THEATERPurchase
22h00Sidiki DiabatéAfricanBOUREGREGFree/Purchase
22h00Saber RebaiOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00Bruno MarsInternationalOLM SOUISSIFree/Purchase
22h00Abdelali SahraouiMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Abidat RmaMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
Thursday, June 28th
17hGroupe Gnawa Art Lux “Farkat Fania Gnawa Lux”Street ShowsAVENUE EL HAOUZFree
17h00ColokoloStreet ShowsAVENUE FAL OULD OUMEIRFree
17h00Sepideh RaissadatWorld musicCHELLAHPurchase
19h30Majida El RoumiDiscoveryMOHAMMED V NATIONAL THEATERPurchase
22h00Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de CotonouAfricanBOUREGREGFree/Purchase
22h00AminuxOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00Nancy AjramOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00TexasInternationalOLM SOUISSIFree/Purchase
22h00DJ HamidaMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00H-KayneMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00MuslimMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
Friday, June 29th
17hGroupe Gnawa Art Lux “Farkat Fania Gnawa Lux”Street ShowsAVENUE FAL OULD OUMEIRFree
17h00ColokoloStreet ShowsAVENUE EL HAOUZFree
17h00Katerina Fotinaki & Eva AtmatzidouWorld musicCHELLAHPurchase
19h30Maria ToledoDiscoveryMOHAMMED V NATIONAL THEATERPurchase
22h00Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 featuring Yasiin BeyAfricanBOUREGREGFree/Purchase
22h00Ahmed ChibaOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00DouziOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00The WeekndInternationalOLM SOUISSIFree/Purchase
22h00Imad BenomarMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Nouamane BelaiachiMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Tiiw TiiwMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
Saturday, June 30th
17hGroupe Gnawa Art Lux “Farkat Fania Gnawa Lux”Street ShowsAVENUE AL MASSIRAFree
17h00ColokoloStreet ShowsMAHAJ RYADFree
17h00Sabry MOSBAHWorld musicCHELLAHPurchase
19h30Marwa NajiDiscoveryMOHAMMED V NATIONAL THEATERPurchase
22h00Tiken Jah FakolyAfricanBOUREGREGFree/Purchase
22h00AhlamOrientalNAHDA SPACEFree/Purchase
22h00Luis FonsiInternationalOLM SOUISSIFree/Purchase
22h00StatiaMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00Said SenhajiMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase
22h00StatiMoroccanSALE STAGEFree/Purchase

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Security during the festival

The police officers, firemen, paramedics and private security agents are stationed inside the festival, nevertheless we recommend to buy tickets especially if you are a single woman, be also vigilant if you decide to stay in the free area where are some Pickpockets.

Photos Mawazine

Mawazine Festival
Christina Aguilera Mawazine Festival 2016
Christina Aguilera Mawazine Festival 2016

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