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Timitar Festival

Timitar is one of the biggest festivals in Morocco and was founded in 2004, taking place annually in Agadir, with a large audience of up to 800,000 in attendance (over the 4 day period). The Timitar festival's main purpose is to promote the Amazigh culture however different styles of music are also performed.

At the last event, there were performances by national stars such as Daoudia, Abdellaziz Stati, Hindi Zahra, Don bigg, Fatima Tihihit, N3rdistan and many others as well as international stars such as Diana Haddad.

All concerts are free with the festival taking place in various locations in Agadir:

  • Al Amal Place (up to 50,000)
  • Bijawane Place (up to 25,000)
  • Verdure theater (up to 3,000)

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Timitar 2016 Video

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4 reviews

Amazing festival

4 out of 5 stars
7 years ago

One of my favorite music festival in Morocco!

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